Shunga Geisha's Secret Kit

Shunga Erotic Art is a leading manufacturer of intimate products. You won't go wrong with their Geisha's Secret Kit, each containing 5 products that many couples have come to love to bring eroticism, passion, and intimacy into their bedrooms.

There are two kits available: Organic Exotic Green Tea, and Sparkling Strawberry Wine.

Organic Exotic Green Tea Kit includes:
.33 fl oz rganic Kissable massage oil.
.33 fl oz Warming aphrodisiac oil.
1oz Zenitude Mini Massage Candle.
.33 fl oz Toko Organica Personal Lubricant.
.23 fl oz Lotus Noir sensitizing gel for lovers.

Sparkling Strawberry Wine Kit includes:
.33 fl oz Shunga Erotic Massage Oil.
.33 fl oz Shunga Warming Aphrodisiac Oil.
1oz Shunga Mini Massage Candle.
.33 fl oz Shunga Toko Aqua Personal Lubricant.
.23 fl oz Shunga Dragon Intensifying Cream for Lovers.

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