About Us

As always we welcome you to Oshun's Paradise, and would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are Deniece Herring (left), and Anna Freeman (right), the founders of Oshun's Paradise. We are Black-Owned, and are women in entrepreneurship. Even more, we are a mother-daughter partnership, and have fused our interests and expertise together to bring you the one and only Oshun's Paradise.


Adult stores are somewhat taboo, and many people get the wrong idea about the purpose they serve. Here at Oshun's Paradise, we want to provide a means to improve individuals' wellbeing by offering products that arouse the mind, body, and soul.mental, social, and sexual health.The aim is to promote healthy sex practices, and encourage people to open up their minds to new things, all influencing mental, social, and sexual health. Through our efforts, we hope to encourage everyone to embrace themselves, and take pride in who they truly are. There is nothing more natural than human sexual desire, without it, we wouldn't be here! We are taking that need, and expanding on various ways to enhance it so that men and women can build their self-confidence, sexual relationships, and continue on a journey of self-discovery and improvement. We look forward to your business, and hope that we can satisfy your needs, wants, and desires.


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